"If anyone wants to get started in their health journey, they don’t have to go far. Most of the answers are already within us".

Silvia Sanchez, Holistic Health Coach


Silvia is a trained Holistic Health Coach in Maresme.

She views health as the balance of our 5 basic bodies: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual, an alchemy of sorts to channel the life energy that makes us thrive. And as such she specialises in holistic nutrition and gut health, shamanic healing and counselling, Reiki and conscious breathing.

While living in London she studied and trained in naturopathy, and once she moved to Barcelona she continued her studies and training in energetic nutrition and diet therapy, wellness coaching, Reiki, shamanic healing and counselling and conscious breathing. She’s currently taking a deeper dive into gut health and furthering her knowledge in the fields of the gut microbiota and intestinal health, integrative approaches to digestive pathologies and hormonal health.

She’s very passioned about working with people in a holistic manner, facilitating the knowledge and tools for them to take the reins of their own healing process, accompanying them in the process with intuitive coaching and supporting their transformation as needed.

She can do ad-hoc consultations on a particular discipline or create bespoke health plans that incorporate some, or all, of her techniques and that go on for a period of time the person feels comfortable with, and that involve regular coaching and therapy-led sessions working towards relevant and realistic health objectives.

If anyone wants to get started in their health journey, they don’t have to go far. Most of the answers are already within us, we just need to know the tools to access them. A journey into the self, I like to call it, a home coming. And a life lived with purpose.
Silvia Sanchez

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Silvia also creates beautiful feather jewellry, mainly earrings, as well as sage smudges, both of which can be found in No20 showroom in Vilassar de Mar.

 What people are saying about Silvia Sanchez, Holistic Health Coach
My experience with Silvia as a nutrition and health coach was pretty special, I never felt I was attending a mechanical style consultation, on the contrary, it was like chatting to a friend and, after a few questions, I felt I was in the best hands. I realised I just didn’t know about some key issues that affect our health. She enabled me to make small adjustments in my life that brought about big results. 100% recommended. She’s got a wealth of knowledge, is very professional and above all a great human.
Alex, Barcelona
You have definitely changed my perception on cleanses! Thank you for being such a good guide and for understanding my needs so well. I couldn’t agree more with all the benefits you listed above but must add one more - a sense of pride in oneself, accomplishment and understanding that, no matter how steep the climb looks, with a clean mind and determination, you can achieve it 🙏🏽
Ana, Barcelona
Nothing can be worked on in isolation - this is the biggest take away from my sessions with Silvia. The physical, emotional and spiritual are interconnected and once you realise that, finding the best path for you is so much easier. Silvia is easy-going, knowledgeable and wise and adapted herself easily to my changing needs.
Jane, Vilassar de Mar