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Amanda Paterson – Verdegris


Vintage furniture in Maresme: Born and brought up in the UK, Amanda Paterson has a degree in French and Spanish from Exeter University. She went on to work in the European Commission and European Parliament in Brussels before moving to Barcelona with her husband and children several years ago.  A creative at heart, Amanda took this an opportunity to have a full career pivot and followed her passion for furniture restoration. After spending a few years at the Escola de Restauració d’Antiguitats (ERA) Amanda launched Verdegris, a beautiful vintage furniture store which is located at Mercantic in Sant Cugat. Her home is tucked away in the mountains of  Cabrils where she lives with her husband, 3 children and two dogs. Amanda has a specific love of tables, (rightly) believing that a table is at the heart of everything and has often lived through many different moments in history.  Her objective is not to bring back an item back to perfection but to show its original personality.

The right table in the right room is not only an essential but a true object of beauty, start with the table, the rest will follow!
Amanda Paterson

If you ask Amanda nicely she will help source items you are looking for!



Stand 37, Mercantic, Avinguda Rius i taulet 120, 08173 Sant Cugat

 What people are saying about Verdegris
I am slightly obsessed by Amanda's furniture and eagerly await her daily instagram posts to see what treasure she has discovered and restored from both French and Catalan markets.
Carrie Frais