Catalonia boasts some of Spain’s best schools and Maresme’s offering reflects that – from the renowned international and private schools such as Hamelin-Laie in Montgat, SEK in La Garriga, ISCAT in Canet de Mar and Santa Maria del Pino in Alella to good local and government subsidised schools such as Escola Meritxell in Matar├│ and Mas Maria in Cabrils.

Education in Catalonia

As in everywhere in Europe, education is compulsory in Catalonia. There are around 4,000 schools in the region. The education system is subject to Spanish legislation but the Catalan government (Generalitat) holds power of what and how subjects are taught in schools. The language of instruction in state schools is Catalan with Spanish taught as a second language (although this is subject to much debate since the legislation was approved). The Catalan authorities assure that it leaves all children bilingual when they leave school and it is often the case that children speak in Spanish rather than Catalan with each other.

Education is free in state schools although books and materials have to be paid by parents. The system is divided into the following cycles: infant (3-6 years, which is non compulsory), primary (6-12 years), secondary (12-16 years) and Baccalaureate (16-18 years). The school year starts in September and ends in June and is split into 3 terms.


Language Schools in Maresme

Many parents look to language schools in Maresme to help reinforce their children’s level of English for reading, writing and speaking. They may want to broaden their child’s vocabulary, improve fluency and pronunciation or simply build confidence. Most language schools offer a wide range of courses to suit differing schedules and level of language proficiency. You can find standard, intensive and semi-intensive courses as well as private English lessons, English conversation courses and other courses tailored to your needs. Many adults from the international community sign up to language school courses to improve their level of Spanish or Catalan and many language schools also offer these courses too, both as private and group classes. It is also worth checking out your local town hall as most offer Catalan classes for free.

Private Tutors in Maresme

Since Covid, there has been a demand in private tutoring as many children fell behind on school work, but it is also a great way to ensure your child is on top of his or her classwork and can motivate them to do better. Private tutoring can not only improve grades but also a child’s confidence, it gives them the one-to-one they need to excel academically, they can provide different perspectives on a subject, and provide customised learning. Maresme Connect is collating private tutors offering a wide range of different subjects from English and Spanish to Maths and Science catering for all ages from primary to Baccalaureate.


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