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Maresme Toastmasters

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When you give a speech, do you feel anxious and insecure? Do you want to deliver your message with confidence, clarity, and charisma? Joining Toastmasters International can transform your public speaking experience by providing a safe and warm environment for personal and professional growth. At Toastmasters individuals learn to conquer their fears and boots confidence through structured speech programs and supportive feedback. Members can practice public speaking in a nurturing atmosphere, where mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities. Toastmasters offers a platform where you can refine your communications skills, speak impromptu, and craft well organized speech. y becoming a member, you gain access to a community that nurtures your self- assurance, refines your public speaking abilities, and cultivates strong leadership skills. It’s a transformative journey speaking with conviction and leading with confidence in any situation.
Maresme Toastmasters takes place on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 19-30 to 21-00 at No20, C/Montserrat 20, Vilassar de Mar

Being a Toastmaster has been a transformative journey, helping me improve public speaking and leadership. Toastmasters is about increasing confidence, refined communication skills, and a supportive community, nurturing personal and professional growth in an empowering way
Simonetta Roma

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For the ambitious, there are different pathways to work on in order to acquire the DTM title (Distinguished Toastmasters)

 What people are saying about Maresme Toastmasters
I was impressed by the great vibe and professionalism of Maresme Toastmasters. The club meeting is of high quality with great speeches and evaluations that everybody could learn from.
Janine De la Fuente Division Director, District 107 Toastmasters
I ’m amazed at the energy and professionalism in this club. Long way to go and a lot to learn from each other for all the members, keep it up!
Berta Cots, Area Director TMI, District 107
I’ve done many presentations and speeches over the years, but I have to say Toastmasters really brings shape and energy to what you do. It’s remarkable the changes you can see in yourself. Thank you to all my friends at Maresme Toastmasters.
Dean Smith, Proud Toastmaster
Although I have spoken in public for many years now, nothing prepares you for sharing your personal story in front of like-minded people. Fun and terrifying at the same time, I have already learnt so much in the short time I have been a member. Every session brings something new, and above all, a great, dynamic bunch of people.
Carrie Frais, Maresme Toastmasters co-founder