"Do not just be a “dreamer”. If you have a good idea and you believe it can work, be a doer”

Josep M Ribas, Founder Dog Day Camp Cabrils

Josep M Ribas is the founder of Dog Day Camp in Cabrils and (in his own words) the luckiest husband and father.  He was raised and has lived in Cabrils for nearly his entire life and says that feels very fortunate and proud about that. Josep is also a former lawyer. Dog Day Camp takes care of more than 120 dogs along the week. Here’s his story.

​The earliest childhood memory growing up in Cabrils would probably be me sitting at the terrace of my parent’s house hugging or playing with one of the many dogs we had.

Josep M Ribas

I think the most misunderstood trait about Catalans is that we are tight-fisted, but we are not like that at all!! 🙂

I love that in Maresme I am close to the sea and the mountains – that is definitely a great bonus.  If you add the good climate all year around, voilà!!

I became a lawyer because my great grandfather founded a Real Estate company in Barcelona back in the 40’s. I was meant to be the 4th generation running the business. None of the previous generations had studied Law, but I decided to go for it to be well prepared. Right before taking over the company after my father, things got twisted with the 2008 Real Estate crisis, and I decided to quit.

Being a lawyer meant taking home and worrying about clients’s problems, and the stress of the trials, but I’m not that kind of “battling” person.