A dog's idea of heaven in the heart of Cabrils

Dog Day Camp


Dog Day Camp in Maresme is a leash and cage free Dog Day Care centre where your furry friend will find 3.500 sqm of fenced green fields, tones of exercise and playtime with many other doggie-friends, along with a professional and 100% dog loving staff who take care of them throughout the day. Josep Ribas, is the one behind the creation of this big open space located in Cabrils in-between pines and large flat fields where all dogs can run, play, or just lay down and relax while sunbathing. Josep is a former lawyer and has been a dog lover since his early youth. He aimed to create a space where families and their dogs could meet their needs, ensuring everyone is happy at home after too long working days that do not allow enough long walks nor playtime with our loved doggies.  At Dog Day Camp they make sure all doggies enjoy the happiest day/s of the week, they make new friends and enjoy fun activities whilst burning lots of energy, so when they return to their homes happy and tired, any sign of anxiety has totally vanished.  Moreover, to make this easy for everyone, Dog Day Camp offers a doggie-van service that collects our pawtastic friends in the morning and drops them off in the afternoon. Their big doggie vans are prepared to transport dogs of all sizes in a comfortable and safe way.

Does your 4-pawed friend have the energy to stop a train and you get home too tired or late from work to take him/her for the run/exercise and socialization that he/she deserves?

Does your furry-friend spend too many hours alone at home?

Do you work at home but can’t take care of him/her as much as you’d want?

How about a whole day of fun with dog-friends in the field for your doggie partner?

And a day off for you? To do what you wish without having to worry about your favourite 4 paws, knowing that she/he is enjoying and in good hands?

Dog Day Camp is the place for dog and family peace of mind and happiness, no doubt.

I think every dog deserves enjoying some days of play time, socialization with other dogs and exercise along the week. Even if your dog has a huge garden or backyard at home, being alone all day, that does not cover his/her needs.  Dogs are a social specie and therefore need to socialize, exercise, smell around, play…. At Dog Day Camp we strive to deliver dog and family happiness without effort and lots of love.
Josep Ribas


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You can book packs of days which work out cheaper. The camp can get very busy so it is worth booking well in advance if possible.

 What people are saying about Dog Day Camp
This is without doubt the best thing for my dog Reggie. When he hears the Dog Day Camp van approach our house he gets over excited and runs down to the gate to be taken to the camp. He comes back with a waggy tail and totally exhausted. Josep is brilliant at keeping in contact and making sure we know the time of his arrival and drop off. He is also one of the nicest guys around! I cannot recommend this enough!!!
Carrie Frais