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Valeria Mikiej Reisner – Integrative and Personalised Nutritional Support

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Valeria Mikiej Reisner is an integrative nutritionist based in Maresme, helping people improve their quality of life, focusing mainly on helping them solve digestive problems and sort out their diet. She has trained as a Higher Technician in Dietetics and Nutrition and specialises in areas such as digestive health, microbiota, vegetarian and vegan diets. She is currently studying Ayurveda to be able to further personalise diets based on each person’s constitution, pathologies, and imbalances. Valeria is constantly across the latest research with regard to nutrition and health. Valeria has also trained as a coach and therapist in systemic healing. In 2020, she developed the A.M.O.R. (LOVE) method, which includes 4 pillars that she considers fundamental for a healthy and full life, and on which she bases her support.

Adequate nutrition (Alimentación adecuada): focusing on adjusting the diet to the needs of each person according to their current life stage, constitution, energy expenditure, and specific tastes. It teaches people to make the best choices for themselves, to be organised with weekly meals and to find joy in cooking.

Body maintenance (Mantenimiento corporal): accompanying people to carry out purifying processes to help them improve their health in a deeper, more effective, and faster way. It does so by assessing in each case the needs of the person and the level of commitment and predisposition that they have to carry out the proposals.

Inner observation (Observación interior): through different proposals, activities, and dynamics, this helps the person to know themselves better and connect with themselves to have more clarity and self-empowerment. It also accompanies them in healing processes through systemic therapy with playmobils. By working in this area, you can unblock processes when stagnation arises due to limiting beliefs and unconscious blocks.

Personal fulfilment (Realización personal): through coaching tools, active listening, and visualisations to help the person connect with what makes them feel fulfilled, and helps them set and achieve goals and objectives. This is a highly personalised approach over 3 months in which progress is made depending on the pace that each person chooses to follow. Valeria becomes a companion on the journey and during this time, she commits to being available to resolve any concerns that arise.

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Valeria provides her services in Spanish. She also hosts healthy cooking workshops. Contact her for more information.

 What people are saying about Valeria
os animo a seguir un buen plan nutricional y emocional con Valeria. Mi experiéncia con ella ha sido muy positiva. Poniendo en valor lo que uno mismo puede trabajar para sentirse bien. Encontrar paz interior y a su vez, modificar malos hábitos para aprender a nutrirse de manera eficaz para mantener un estado saludable, tanto físico como mental. Me he sentido muy a gusto a su lado. Escuchar sus consejos siempre con ese tono de voz tan dulce hace que te sientas realmente bien y te anima a cambiar con cariño tu dia a dia, de manera agradable y sincera.
Cristina Serra Mallol
Me ayuda a entender mejor mi cuerpo y añadir habitos nuevos.
Conmigo siempre acierta. Gracias Valeria
Esther Muñiz
Mi experiencia con Valeria ha sido positiva y recomendable al 100% hace un acompañamiento que podría catalogar de integral, tanto por las pautas que marca, siempre respetando tus preferencias, como la disponibilidad que ofrece ante cualquier duda... Es respetuosa, atenta y te hace sentir en todo momento muy bien atendida.
Esperanza Ruiz Sevilla
Valeria me ha enseñado a comer sano. Es un gran referente y modelo a seguir. Muchas pasión por compartir sus conocimientos. Fabulosa en todos los aspectos.
Hice una sesión de asesoramiento nutricional, puesto q quería iniciarme en dieta vegana y me fue realmente bien.Me aclaró muchas dudas y me sugirió recetas que aplico en mi día a día.La recomiendo mucho
Ma Pilar Llaurens Iñesta