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Marta Arco is an interior designer in Maresme who defines herself as  as someone who not only provides solutions, but also creates emotions. Marta takes care of full renovation and decorative projects or specific advisory services, and coordinates absolutely everything. Whether it is renovating your entire home or business, or if you simply need a decorative project, her goal is for you to delegate, relax and enjoy the process.

Marta believes that we can all gain quality of life when we walk through the door of our homes. When homes are seem impersonal and not very functional, Marta believes that it can generate discomfort and restlessness and so she focuses on ’emotional interior design’ –  spaces that influence our state of mind. Marta will take care of every element of the project from sourcing materials, furniture and furnishings, deciding on colours and branding, how to optimise the space and co-ordinating the suppliers. She makes sure that you are not stressed or overwhelmed.

Using an interior designer should be viewed  as an investment, so that you can enjoy the process of the renovation and see even the coldest and most impersonal homes transform into a beautiful, comfortable and functional environment adapted to your lifestyle and personality.
Marta Arco

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Marta is busy! Contact her well in advance if you are preparing a new home project.

 What people are saying about Marta Arco Interior Design
Marta is an exceptional interior designer and also a wonderful person. Her attention to detail is exemplary and her commitment to my project was second to none. She helped transform a bland office space in Vilassar de Mar into a vibrant, inspirational showroom, co-working and events space. I simply could not have asked for anything better, She and this project has changed my life forever and I cannot recommend Marta highly enough.
Carrie Frais
Me recomendaron a Marta Arco para un proyecto de interiorismo y la verdad es que forjamos un equipo fantástico y la colaboración y sincronización fue perfecta. Yo tengo las ideas muy claras pero dispongo de muy poco tiempo y Marta entendió perfectamente qué necesitaba y se adaptó a ello a la perfección. Sus ideas y aportaciones fueron muy valiosas y captó las mías y supo integrarlas al proyecto con mucho gusto y estilo, demostrando una gran experiencia y un exquisito trato. Repetiría sin duda y ya la he recomendado a todo mi entorno. Una gran profesional con muchos recursos y un gran conocimiento del sector.
Margarita Mas
Es un ejemplo de profesionalidad. Me impresiona la sensibilidad y la capacidad para captar los gustos de los demás transformándolos en lugares entrañables, llenos de calidez, luz y energía positiva.
Resulta fácil y agradable trabajar con ella, busca soluciones maravillosas, sin duda volveré a contar con ella en cuanto lo necesite.
Gracias Marta por ayudarnos a crear un hogar a partir de cuatro paredes.
Ana Rodríguez