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After 15 years of working part-time with clay ceramics, Hattie (who is based in Vallromanes) set up her own business making Jesmonite home decor pieces. As someone who loves buying interesting and different home decor herself, her heart is well and truly behind creating each piece with passion. Jesmonite is an adaptable, versatile, and mostly sustainable product enabling her pieces to be bespoke and personalised to your style and needs, and quick order and delivery times. Taking half her inspiration from natural surroundings and colours, and the other half vibrant and mulitcolour abstract ideas and with a mix of textures, such as beads and sand, as well brightly and striking pigmented chips embedded within the Jesmonite base, Hattie can create many different effects and styles, according to your tastes, requirements, and needs.

You can choose from a large collection of products. From various-sized coasters, stylish trays and plates, wine holders, pots, candle holders, bottle stops, desk tidys, cupboard door knobs, and many more. Individually styled pieces or themed packs available. Japanese Furoshiki wrapping provided upon request.

Creativity is my passion, and making people smile through my pieces is the ultimate goal for me. I offer a completely personalised process- from base colours, to textures- you decide.
Hattie Woolley

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Hattie’s Ceramics can be viewed at No20, Vilassar de Mar

 What people are saying about HW Ceramics
I was so happy to find Hattie's business. Her unique offering of personalising your pieces I just ideal- I was able to chose exactly what I wanted to fit with my living room style and colour scheme.