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Erika is a brand, portrait, and wedding photographer in Maresme with extensive experience in different fields of photography as she has worked for renowned brands like MaxMara, Marella, Max&co and Oakley as well as documented hundreds of love stories with weddings and families. She has been published in magazines and blogs like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Lucía se Casa, Condé Nast BRIDES, and others. She is now specialised in Wedding, Portraits and Brand Photography.

Erika is characterised by her natural, sincere, romantic and chic photographs, with light and airy tones. She grew up in a mixture of cultures that have filled her curiosity and desire to explore the world and all its possibilities. Art has always been a part of her life and always try to express her vision and find new ways to capture it.

With her studies in visual arts, a degree and master’s in architecture, and her experience in the fashion photography industry in Italy, Erika brings her style and knowledge to every job she does. She uses all these tools to apply the aesthetics and precision to her work. She loves to create beautiful, light-filled, and airy images that evoke emotion and beauty, and at the same time capturing those unique and heartfelt moments. Now, she has had almost a decade of experience capturing beautiful stories in Spain and Italy.

I love to create beautiful, light-filled, and airy images that evoke emotion and beauty, and at the same time capturing those unique and heartfelt moments.
Erika Kawas

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Erika offers courses for different levels both on a group and a one-to-one basis.

 What people are saying about Erika Kawas
OMG thank you so much! Thanks for going above and beyond for us! I’m in love with the photos!
Ruda Family
Oh my God, we love the pictures. Thank you so much. Was truly a pleasure. The session was very relaxed and it seemed effortless. You gave instructions when needed but it seemed very natural. We will definitely ask you to take more photos in the future!
Vang Barker Family
Erika, wow wow wow! Thank you so so much. These are just gorgeous :) So amazing to look at them and revisit the day.
Rebecca & Fernando
I thoroughly enjoyed Erika's course on how to use your Smartphone to take great photos. She gave us really useful tips and tricks which already have made a massive difference. She also showed us how important it is to get the right light is in every image as well as how to use some of the tools (which most of us had no idea about!) on our phones. I loved her calm manner and she has such in-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience, I felt we really just scratched the surface!
Erika was able to guide us perfectly in all the sessions we have done with her and what we remember the most is the immense happiness and laughter. She was always attentive to everything we asked of her. Many creative and fun poses, but also very romantic. We received the photos shortly after, in a very nice case along with a memory stick with all the images. She has always been very kind and always does a great job. We have already recommended Erika to other couples and recommend her to anyone who wants to create a memory, she is going to capture the best moments of love and joy. Thank you Erika!
Alessandra & Giuseppe
Our experience with Erika has been super pleasant. We felt very comfortable in every session we have done with her. She is very patient with the children, very dedicated, very warm, she transmits joy and enthusiasm. It makes you enjoy being in front of the camera. In addition, she is a very talented photographer, she is super skilled at getting the best out of the location, the light, the angles, the subject. We had a lot of fun with her, she was super flexible and accepted all my ideas and also proposed many shots in a very natural way. The photos were spectacular! Thank you Erika! Thank you for all the beautiful sessions we have had with you.
Rebeca & Daniel
She is a great professional. Everything she does he does with his heart and good taste. It is always a pleasure to work with her. Thank you for your human quality and way of treating our couples
Coco&Carl, Wedding Planner
Erika, your photographs are outstanding, so elegant and classy. An absolute dream. I can only say THANK YOU! One of my favourite photographers ever.
I did a half day workshop with Erika on how to take better photos with a smart phone. We had plenty of time to go out and practice the theory along with Erika who was giving us tips the whole time. It was all really useful.
I recommend her and would recommend her a million times, her passion, vision, her creative input is key to her versatility working on all her photography sessions. She knows how to portray all the details like no one else and captures snapshots that only she sees. Our relationship began in a brand image session, but continued to grow and grow professionally, taking part in each of the most important projects of my path in event design, as well as being lucky enough to coincide with her at many weddings! Knowing that a couple has Erika as a photographer is synonymous to gorgeous photos of the couple and TOP images of each and every detail! She will make sure that you cannot forget any of the details of your wedding, and will capture the most important moments! Nothing escapes her sight behind the lens! I can only give thanks because it will cross my path! I say it and I will always say it ARTIST, you are UNIQUE!
Andrea Llàcer, Stylist & Event Designer
I was looking for a photographer located in El Maresme with professional experience shooting flowers. I chose to work with Erika because of her extensive experience shooting wedding floral décor, and because after our first meeting, I felt that she understood what I’m about and what I want to convey with photos for my brand.
 My favourite part about the experience was the professional tips she gave me on lighting and editing – I learned a lot! When I saw my photos, I was just so impressed with the lighting and how that translates into positive impressions for the viewer. All the photos of the florals are outstanding, and the photos of me came out better than I expected. Erika is very natural and therefore makes the experience easy and relaxed, by putting others at ease. This is important, because most of us do not like being photographed, so we are definitely not relaxed! I immediately felt a natural connection with Erika, and it shows!
Audrey, Florist