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Emilie Simpson – Caseta Quiropráctica Arenys

Arenys de Mar

Emilie Simpson is a chiropractor in Arenys and a member of the Spanish Chiropractic Association (AEQ) the only professional chiropractic body in Spain whose members have received licenses to practice chiropractic from universities accredited by the European Regulating Body in Chiropractic Education (ECCE). Chiropractic is the largest of all alternative therapies and is gaining popularity in Spain as a natural way to practice regular spinal hygiene, maximise postural health and nervous system function. Emilie specialises in pregnancy, postpartum and pediatric chiropractic, providing care to babies and children with overactive and stressed nervous systems is without a doubt Emilie’s greatest passion due to the responsiveness and the impact that bringing balance to the child has not only on their own development but also on the dynamic of the family as a whole. That being said, it is not unusual to see all 3 generations of the same family under care at her family practice ‘Caseta Quiropráctica Arenys’ based in the middle of the Riera in Arenys de Mar.

Emilie uses a variety of techniques from manual Diversified adjusting, SOT and Activator methods to trigger point therapy, soft tissue techniques and cranial sacral therapy to restore the spine to balance and optimum function. Chiropractic adjustments not only improve spinal movement but also take the tension out of the nervous system, calming the stress response- making it a great tool for anyone at any age to use in today’s stressful lifestyle. Most people who find Emilie’s office enter with some kind of symptom or discomfort however it’s Emilie’s mission to change the way society views and cares for their spines, from birth to old age, so that people can live at their best and don’t have to suffer so terribly with the consequences she sees daily of poor spinal and postural hygiene.

Using chiropractic for back pain is like using a smart phone just to make regular voice calls”. My own experience with chiropractic changed my life. I’d suffered for years with debilitating recurrent kidney and urinary infections. I never knew lack of movement in my vertebrae could be the cause (and I was sporty and flexible) but my problems disappeared after chiropractic treatment for an episode of back pain. Now I want everyone to know how important spinal hygiene is for health on my mission to help improve the vitality of Maremse – one spine at a time!
Emilie Simpson

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The clinic has specific hours for new patient visits. These fill up quickly as there are limited spots each week. Contact their office if you can’t book a time slot.



Caseta Quiropráctica Arenys
Riera del Pare Fita 116
08350 Arenys de Mar

 What people are saying about Caseta Quiropráctica Arenys
I went to Emilie for various ailments and I have been receiving treatment for more than a month. I have improved with my insomnia, I have fewer headaches and above all I have no stomachaches. I am very grateful Emilie.
I have no words to thank Emilie. My 11-year-old daughter had hip decompensation (one leg longer than the other, almost 2cm). At first the traumatologist did not give it much importance but he told me that at worst they would operate. Hearing "operation" I looked for alternative help and was lucky enough to find Emilie. She did a study and the necessary readjustments, she has treated her for a few months and we have seen how magically, my daughter has symmetrical legs again, it has been a great discovery. Now we go once a month approx, so as not to lose all the work done.
Thanks to the sessions with Emilie I have noticed improvement in my muscle pain and bruxism, I feel even more relaxed, her professionalism and treatment received are highly recommended.
Highly recommended, it works! Super professional, exceptional attention!
Thanks to Emily I am managing to improve my health, improving my posture, letting go of muscle and back pain, gaining vitality, a 10 👌🏻
The experience with Emilie cannot be better.
From the first consultation you feel that she is really interested in your case and that she does everything possible to solve it.
After several sessions I have noticed a notable improvement in my lumbar problems and my cervical discomfort has also improved at the same time.
The treatment by Emilie is fantastic and familiar.
I totally recommend it.
A before and after discovering chiropractic!
I have recovered my flexibility, my contractures have disappeared, it has helped me with blood pressure problems and with my posture. I need to share my experience in case it can help someone, especially those who do remote desk work like me. Emily's treatment is excellent and very professional. A 10!!! Thank you so much
I started Emilie two months ago as my back hurt. And the truth has been great! Immediately I began to notice changes, not only physical, but I began to sleep better, my energy improved and I began to be more aware of my body position. I highly recommend it!