A taste of India in one of Maresme's bustling hubs

Kurkuma – Indian Cuisine


A rare Indian restaurant in Maresme, located in vibrant Calella. Kurkuma explores the different Indian dishes under one roof. The translation of Kurkuma is Turmeric, a key ingredient in most Indian dishes that adds both taste and colour to the food. Turmeric of course also has excellent medicinal properties.

Choose from classic starters such as pakora, samosas and onion bhajis and chicken and lamb main dishes ranging from mild and creamy to hot and spicy.

The owners come from Punjab, located in the north of India, and often share interesting anecdotes about their cuisine on their instagram page as well as lovely photos.

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The food here is fresh, non-oily and includes lots of fantastic veggie options. The prices are great and the service is excellent!

 What people are saying about Kurkuma
If you happen to visit Calella you should definitely try Kurkuma. Amazing Indian restaurant. The food is spectacular and the service is great. The vibe is very relaxing so you can really enjoy your food with friends or family. Would 100% go again.
Natalie Prestwick