Espinaler – Vilassar de Mar

One of Maresme's strongest brands

Espinaler – Vilassar de Mar

Espinaler was born in 1896, when Miquel Riera i Prat settled in Vilassar de Mar from a country house near the Espinal bridge in Argentona. He opened the Tavern Espinaler, a small, cosy establishment and with a rustic family air, which has been maintained over the years from generation to generation.

During the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s, Francisca Riera i Fornells, the founder’s daughter, took over the business. These were very tough years for the business, as Francisca was a widow and had four children when the Civil War broke out.

The founder’s grandson, Joan Tapias i Riera, started to change of business: he brought in a high quality vermouth, something very new at the time, a vermouth which has since become one of the best-known products of the Espinaler. Little by little the range of products for hors d’oeuvres broadened and Joan Tapias introduced top-quality Galician preserves such white clams, cockles, mussels and tuna.

In 1952, Ventureta Roldós (Joan Tapias’s wife) created Salsa Espinaler: a combination of top quality vinegar, red pepper, black pepper and carefully selected spices.

Miquel Tapias Roldós, the founder’s great-grandson, took over the reins of the business in the 1970s and started a revolution, by travelling to Galicia to choose the best shellfish in person at auctions. This was the start of the marketing of Espinaler canned food. In 2000, Espinaler started to expand its canned food products around Spain.

In 2000, the Warehouse-Tavern-Store opened in Vilassar de Mar, a 1,300m² space where you can find both the whole range of Espinaler products and a selection of the best gourmet products.

Today the company exports its products to Europe and Asia.

David and Miki Tapias (the founder’s great great-grandsons) are the current owners – the family’s fifth generation in the business.


Both establishments get extremely crowded at the weekends and you can’t book, so get there about 12.30 to guarantee a place to sit.

Take a credit card to the warehouse – you are bound to buy more than you intended (the Ikea effect)!


Camí Ral 1
08340 Vilassar de Mar

Avda. Progrés 47
08340 Vilassar de Mar