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Colegio Santa Maria del Pino


Colegio Santa Maria del Pino in Alella is made up of three main interconnected buildings for each stage of learning, the nursery, primary, and secondary. The school is surrounded by a large recreation area, with two sports courts, a large sand yard with trees, an area with swings, slides, and playhouses for the little ones, and a vineyard.

They also will make use of the surrounding mountains and forests by occasionally using nature as their classroom or lab. In this green and leafy environment –more common in colleges in England and the United States or in schools in the forests of Finland and Denmark than in Spain, students develop in a healthy environment, acquiring good autonomy and resilience.

The school boasts a consolidated and cohesive teaching team and good academic results. Their educational mission is designed to face future challenges that all our kids will face.

Nursery Education

The nursery school focuses on creating a creative, experimental, and happy environment for all the students.  Based on the culture of thinking, kids learn about their specific interests and concerns, develop and discover their surroundings, and learn emotional management in the classroom. The use of English is also integrated into the classroom as well as some Montessori methods.

Primary Education

In this longest stage of school, students learn about new technologies and make use of surrounding nature to learn more about physical education and healthy habits. Through fun and creative challenges, students interact with the study of robotics and programming. They get to create and program robots and have the opportunity to use a programming language, scratch, divided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to design video games. Students also learn together through yearlong cooperative projects such as art festivals, a Harvest festival, Christmas concerts, Science Week, and Culture Week.

Secondary Education

Students in the secondary stage learn to improve their skills for their higher studies and for their professional and personal lives. They improve their writing skills and work on public speaking skills which allows students to speak coherently and improve their confidence. In this stage, students also make use of the chemistry lab where they will primarily learn about the scientific method and how to research, form hypotheses, experiment, analyse results, obtain data, and draw conclusions. Another important part of this stage is allowing students to learn from each other through collaborative and cooperative work.

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Pino is a trilingual school (Castellano, English & Catalan) but Castellano is the dominant language.



Riera Coma Clara, 19 – 21
08328 Alella (Barcelona)

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 What people are saying about Colegio Santa Maria del Pino
I am delighted with this school both on an educational level with the curriculum they have designed and on a personal level with the very good communication between the school and parents. Really a very good option if what you are looking for is a family school in which you can actively participate in the education of your children.
We are very happy with our experience of Pino so far. Our daughter is always so happy to go to school and actually asks to stay in 'after school' each day, she doesn't want to leave! In the early years they focus very much on creating good habits and learn through play and activities. Although it's not a Montessori school, it seems they have Montessori-esque ways of teaching. The teachers are incredibly loving and caring, our daughter doesn't stop talking about how much she loves her teachers. She can already read and write and I do think her thirst for learning comes from the school environment.
Louise Vaughan