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Betlem Escoles

premia de dalt

Betlem in Premià de Dalt is a concertada school (government subsidised) offers education starting in infancy and early childhood to Bachillerato. The school is constantly evolving by introducing new teaching and learning technologies. Through constant personalised attention, students learn to be innovative and learn to understand their needs and special skills. Their ideology is values through learning appreciation, responsibility, respect, and tolerance. 

Betlem Escoles Kindergarten Education and Early Childhood Education School is located nearby at Ctr. Premia, 117, 08338 Premià de Dalt, Barcelona. Their telephone number is (093) 751 37 64 and more information can be found on the school’s website.

Primary Education

In the primary stage at Betlem in Premià de Dalt the school places value on group and collaborative work as well as practicing reflection, emotional management, and creativity. They learn and participate in activities that exercise the mind and body. Active activities such as swimming and ballet, mindful activities such as yoga, and activities that challenge the brain such as chess and robotics. They also learn through music and learn how to play different instruments. Emphasis on language learning and understanding foreign languages. Students learn English throughout their time at the school and learn Chinese until year three. They carry out personalised and comprehensive monitoring of students learning progress to assess their needs as well as their potential. 

Secondary Education

In this stage, students learn skills to ensure a solid personal development. They learn oral comprehension, writing, calculation, and problem solving and develop their social skills. Students work intensively in English and French to ensure a high level of understanding and are able to obtain the official qualification of Cambridge and Business English.

Students also get continued personalised attention for the personal development of students and support in making decisions about future. There is also tutoring offered, there is group sessions, personalised tutoring, and a tutoring interview with the family and student.

In this stage students also have the opportunity for exchanges and stays abroad. There are two different linguistic and cultural exchanges to choose from. They can choose to stay in Ireland for 6-8 weeks at the beginning of each ESO course, where they live with an Irish family and go to an Irish School. There is also the opportunity for a student exchange with Australia. From 4th year of ESO, students can go to Australia for 4 weeks and an Australian student can come to Premià de Dalt for 4 weeks.


Betlem Escoles offers specialised and high-quality studies to prepare students for further studies. In the Bachillerato stage, students get a continuation of personalised attention,  made easy through small groups that encourage learning and weekly tutor sessions. In these sessions and throughout the Bachillerato stage students work on personal development where they learn self-knowledge, organisation, and promotion of academic and personal motivations. Students get guidance from the school through support in learning, assessment, and self-assessment. They also have access to academic and professional guidance, through decision-making and professional outings. There is also an emphasis on coexistence, participation, and involvement. In this stage, students can also obtain an American High School diploma which is valid in all US States and Universities

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Catalan is the language of instruction



Ctr. Branch, 1
08338 Premià de Dalt

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