An english-speaking science tutor in Maresme, ideal for those studying the IB or National Baccalaureate

Lara González – Biology & Earth Sciences Tutor

Maresme Area

Lara González is a science tutor in Barcelona and Maresme. She graduated from the University of Salamanca with a degree in Biology and a Masters in Secondary and Upper Education Teaching. She is currently finishing an online degree in Primary Teaching (English as a second language specialisation) at the University of La Rioja (UNIR). Her experience in the field of education is quite extensive. For the past 4 years, she has worked at a private school in Barcelona as both an IBDP and LOMCE Baccalaureate teacher, focusing on Biology and Earth Sciences. Prior to that, she worked for several years as a Science teacher at the secondary level, and as a pedagogical coordinator and teacher for both children and teenagers at a language school.

Lara’s specialisation is biochemistry, specifically genetics, evolution, ecology, microbiology, immunology, human and animal physiology, and plant biology.  Within Earth Sciences Lara covers different external and internal geological processes as well as sustainability and climate change.

Lara is currently working as an online tutor for secondary and IB students, helping them to keep track of upcoming assignments and to organise themselves in an effective way to achieve their goals. She also gives them tips and works with them on different learning techniques and she supervises their work and performance in all of their subjects throughout the whole year. The support she gives them includes not only homework assignments but also projects and exam preparation, as well as soft skills, such as time management, critical thinking, communication skills, resourcefulness, and stress management among others.

Lara also teaches English online, for both children and adults. (Lara recently obtained the Cambridge certificate in the C2 level, having achieved the maximum score in 3 out of 5 competencies – speaking, reading, and use of English).

Teaching is my true passion, and one of my main goals is to transmit that to my students, since I consider that feeling motivated and having willingness to learn and outdo yourself have a key role in order to succeed. I consider myself to be a committed, enthusiastic, dynamic and patient person, which is why the lesson plans will be personalised depending on the specific goals of each student. Both the methodology and the different resources that will be used will be adapted to their needs and objectives.
Lara González

Lara is fluent and has taught in English, Spanish and Catalan

 What people are saying about Lara González
For me, the best teacher I have ever had in my entire life. I prepared the biology subject for selectivity and with only two months she made me understand everything important to be able to pass the exam. Her way of explaining is great and she gets the student very involved. A lot of closeness and communication. I would always repeat with her!
I highly recommend Lara if you are looking for a private tutor. She helped my daughter with Biology when she was in the second year of the IB Diploma Programme. My daughter was applying to do medicine at university, so getting a high grade in Biology was critical. I've never met a more dedicated and passionate tutor who made classes interesting and dynamic whether they were in person or online.
Jane Mitchell
Lara is very patient, she explains things so that everyone understands them, and if there is someone who does not understand something, she will use her free time to explain it to that person. I found her teaching to be not only effective and useful, but also super fun. I will always remember what she taught me about Biology