Carme Ponsa – President of the Consorci de Promoció Turística de Maresme

Maresme Connect have partnered with the Consorci de Promoció Turística de Maresme, the official organisation that promotes all that this part of Catalunya has to offer.

Their work has helped to put the Maresme Coast on the map as a reference for tourism in the region. From tourist information points and local tourism offices to sharing the latest information online, the Consorci de Promoció Turística de Maresme helps to create unforgettable experiences for visitors and locals alike.

President Carme Ponsa has lived in the beautiful coastal town of Malgrat de Mar all her life, and here shares with us her wealth of insights into life in Maresme.

There are so many things to love about living in the region. The sea, the mountains, good weather, excellent culture, gastronomy, job opportunities and above all welcoming people. – Carme Ponsa

For someone thinking about moving to this area of Catalonia, one of the main advantages is having everything close by. The Maresme Coast is very well connected to Barcelona and Girona, and there are plenty of job and study opportunities. In less than 2 hours you can be walking on the beach or skiing. The climate is very good and I know I am repeating myself but we have the sea, mountains, good gastronomy, unique cultural heritage, sports and so much more.

As I see it, there are no disadvantages to living here, only advantages. I don’t think people necessarily have misconceptions about the region, but they may not be aware of everything that the area has to offer.

For families in Maresme, there are educational offerings for all ages. There are public and private schools for every stage. There are also great universities and higher education opportunities in a variety of subjects that can lead to excellent job prospects.

The Maresme coastline has more than 50km of golden sand beaches. From natural beaches to more urban settings, small rugged coves and fishing ports, the beaches offer a plethora different services and something for everyone. We have beaches awarded with the Biosphere Sustainability Commitment and others with the Q for tourist quality.

As a holiday destination, the entire region offers a wide range of tourist attractions. The climate is certainly one of them, and the beaches and mountains can be enjoyed year-round. We have a wide range of sports, hiking, cycling, water sports and more. Maresme attracts visitors for all kinds of reasons, with very attractive natural parks, wellness and health offerings, year-round events and impressive architecture with many different historical and cultural influences.

Maresme also stands out for its sensational gastronomy, often made from zero-km products and served with local Alella wines. Maresme is well known for its local produce, particularly locally-grown strawberries, peas, white beans and of course our abundance of vineyards and wineries.

For anyone thinking about buying a property in Maresme, there are different type of homes available for every need: apartments, houses, farmhouses and more.

It’s not essential to speak Catalan to live and settle in the local community. However to integrate well into any region it is important to speak and understand the language. We are a welcoming region and we always try to understand and make ourselves understood so that we can communicate well.

Annual events in Maresme not to be missed

Locally grown pèsol (pea) & maduixa (strawberry) gastronomic days
Cabrils Gastronomic Exhibition
Canet de Mar Modernist Fair
Calella-Barcelona Ironman
Patron Saint festivities especially Santes de MataróPirates i Premianencs in Premià de Mar
Canet Rock, a Catalan rock music festival
The Verema wine Festival in Alella

The main objective of the the Consorci de Promoció Turística de Maresme is to promote all of the local municipalities, companies and tourist services across Maresme. Our mission is to help coordinate and generate new business activities, especially through sustainable tourism ventures. 

We organise different promotional activities and work in sectors ranging from accessible tourism and business tourism to sustainable travel, cultural, gastronomic and family tourism. We publish tourist brochures that are distributed in local tourist offices and at accessible information points. We also organise training and conferences for tourism professionals.

Additionally, we represent Maresme at national and international fairs to bring greater awareness of the region. In recent years, we’ve worked on a strategic promotional plan, focusing on different types of specialised markets to expand the visibility of the region.

Find out more about the Consorci de Promoció Turística de Maresme on their website, which is regularly updated with all the latest information about the Maresme region. Follow the Consorci on Instagram at @costabcnmaresme and @laiaiamaresme, an account dedicated to family tourism. The Consorci also sends out an email newsletter with the latest local news.

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