Laura Foster, Kundalini yoga teacher & sound healer

Laura Foster is a Kundalini yoga teacher and sound healer. She moved to Maresme with her family in 2020 having previously living in Barcelona. Originally from Liverpool in the UK, she formerly worked as a primary school teacher before retraining as a yoga therapist and sound therapist in 2020.

She lives with her husband Paul and her children Brooke and Jude and sausage dog Luna in Vilassar de Dalt where she currently hosts yoga and sound healing sessions in her adjoining studio. Here is her story…

I used to spend many a childhood holidays in Spain so I had the dream from an early age to live near the Mediterranean. The move from the UK was a big shock. We weren’t used to children being on the streets and outside bars past 8pm but we soon got used to the culture differences and we too began to enjoy the more Mediterranean way of life.

I qualified as an English teacher in 2003 from Liverpool Hope University and moved to London (where I met my future husband) to begin my career as a Primary School teacher in Notting Hill. Knowing I wanted to work with and help others reach their potential I thought teaching was the way to go. However I soon became consumed with stress from the fast paced London life and lack of support from the school education system. It was then we took the decision to move back to Liverpool to start a family and that was when our first child was born.

Living back in Liverpool and being new parents we still craved an adventurous life. It was then in 2014 we decided to move to Barcelona. The birth of our first daughter was complicated. It was a very long labour and in the end an emergency cesarean.  During the birth I contracted an infection and our baby was immediately treated for meningitis which was obviously a very traumatic experience for us as a family. Our little girl fully recovered but I was certainly scarred from the whole experience.

We loved being parents and wanted to have a family lifestyle of being outdoors.  Just because we were parents we still wanted to be able to explore!

After moving to Barcelona I found being so far away from my family really hard. I had guilt for moving and had to find a healthy way to channel that guilt.

I found Kundalini yoga in 2017 and that was the catalyst for my journey of holistic healing. Practising yoga everyday also helped me to become pregnant with our 2nd child. I was worried about how I would cope with two kids and not having family support. Yoga gave me the courage to take the leap to try for the second baby and luckily we also now have an amazing little boy in our family.

Yoga and sound therapy have allowed me to be the best version of myself. I have bad days like everyone but I am strong in my knowledge that, like everything, those emotions will pass and I don’t allow them to consume me like before.

Everyone loves music and most people enjoy relaxing – sound therapy is just that. I create the space to bring the two things together and watch the magic unfold. We are all energetical beings, and the instruments help you to vibrate on a frequency that is relaxing yet energising and empowering for you.

if you would like to know more about Laura’s yoga and sound healing sessions you can contact her via email or phone…

To contact Laura:
+34 609 119 035