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Renovate and Sell

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Alex and Joey are the founders and managers of Renovate and Sell, a business specialised in full home renovations in the Barcelona and Maresme area. These two half-Irish brothers and native English speakers started the business in 2020 after realising that the sector needed a different approach to renovations and to client management. Their professional background, mainly leading international businesses, teams, and projects, allowed them to focus on implementing and adapting planning techniques and management processes, common in large scale projects, to home renovations with the goal of making their clients enjoy the experience rather than suffering from it.

As a result, by placing themselves above the standard regarding professionalism, their projects are better managed and the client is supported and involved in all decisions without having to worry about delays or over costs. Their team includes architects, designers and project managers, offering their clients the best service possible.

Their renovations are smooth and tailor made, and involve from design, planning and architecture to full construction. For each potential client, they first visit the property to study the different options from a technical, architectural and legal point of view. After, they present a proposal which includes plans and layouts, renders, quotation and planning for the project.

The brothers have a showroom in central Barcelona but work in all parts of the Maresme.

Alex and Joey are bilingual – English and Spanish – so there’ll be no communication barriers

 What people are saying about Renovate and Sell
Quería reformar mi casa. Pedí presupuesto, al dia siguiente vinieron y en 2 semana empezaron, todo perfecto. Mi casa parece de revista. Máxima seriedad. ¡Son unos cracks!
Necesitaba hacer un lavado de cara y arreglar algunas cosas para alquilar el piso rápido. Aún no me lo creo, dos semanas después del presupuesto ya estaba alquilado. ¡Gracias chicos!