Michelle's passion for fitness, health and well-being come across at every session

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Looking for personal training in Barcelona? BodyFit is a Barcelona and Maresme-based fitness company that encourages locals to take full advantage of the gorgeous climate and enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle. Run by the ever-upbeat and energetic Michelle Prayle, who offers a variety of training programmes from personal training for men and women, pre and post-natal, senior fitness 65 years+, yoga breathing courses to HIIT & TRX group classes, offering clients both indoor and outdoor fitness training.

Born in London and having travelled extensively, Michelle is now a Barcelona resident of 15 years. Having trained and qualified with the YMCA in London as a personal trainer and a group instructor, Michelle has over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. At BodyFit, Michelle uses her extensive knowledge of fitness in order to train in an effective, safe and enjoyable way by setting realistic and achievable goals, whether it is weight loss, muscle tone, cardio fitness or all three! As a busy mother of two, she really understands how hard it can be to find the time to exercise so she offers carefully devised training programmes that provide a challenging workout in a realistic time frame.

Contact Michelle for specific details about dates and times of classes or to book personal training sessions. Stay updated on limited-time activities offered at BodyFit via Instagram or Facebook.

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Michelle is very knowledgeable about nutrition and overall wellbeing which she incorporates into her classes and personal training sessions.

 What people are saying about BodyFitBcn
I have attended Michelle’s fitness group classes since I first moved to Barcelona over 7 years ago. They’re a fantastic way to get in shape and exercise while meeting other women in the community. I love how knowledgeable she is and can adapt the class to any particular needs we have, she combines HIT, cardio, stretching, pelvic floor work and even breathing techniques. She makes us works hard to our own levels and she does so in a fun and upbeat way. Best way to start the day!
Doing one to one personal training sessions with Michelle is amazing! She listens closely to your needs and goals and comes up with tailor-made sessions especially for you, each one different so it's impossible to get bored! Her approach gets you results fast and teaches you that you don't need to be spending hours in a gym. She is so knowledgeable in this field and her passion for fitness, health and well-being come across at every session. Michelle is a bubbly character who makes the sessions fun and the time always flies by, I can't recommend her highly enough!
Michelle's classes have been a lifesaver for me. My biggest issue was motivation and now I am so keen to go to class because she creates a great atmosphere which is ideal to get fit and to enjoy good company. I like feeling like part of a little team, and being in the great outdoors. Michelle is so knowledgeable about fitness and the body - she readily adapts each exercise if you have an injury or need a more challenging option so everyone's experience is tailored to their needs. We have a laugh and I love her choice of upbeat music!
I have been training with Michelle since February 2021. I was 11 months post-partum and was struggling to start exercising again after having my son. She has been brilliant with keeping me motivated and working on my pelvic floor and core with intention. I feel so much stronger since I started training with her. She is so knowledgeable on pelvic floor recovery and the right exercises to do post-partum. She has also helped incorporate breathing exercises which has really helped me. When she sees that I'm ready, she pushes me out of my comfort zone so I get the most out of my training. She also mixes up all the exercises and equipment so it's always interesting and different. She's a lovely person to chat to which makes training even more fun. I highly recommend training with Michelle!
Michelle has helped me change my body for the better. I started training with her because I was wanted to build bone density and muscle strength. Not only do I feel stronger but I’m also so much happier in my body and my life. A combination of endorphins released and the knowledge that I have made this change has had ripple effects on my whole life.

Training with Michelle is such a joy. She has a positive sunny attitude and gears the whole workout around your needs. I have a lot of fun during the sessions despite training really hard. We never do the same workout twice and she makes careful notes on my preferences to ensure the exercises are always fun.

Michelle not only focuses on my goals but takes a whole body approach to make sure that I’m doing the best for my body even out of sessions so that includes pelvic floor exercises, posture and looking at how I sit at my desk.

I used to wonder if I could afford to train with Michelle now I realise that I can’t afford not to!