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Caldes d'Estrac

At Balneari Caldes d’Estrac Spa, the 19th-century thermal baths in Caldes d’Estrac are the only publicly owned ones in Catalonia, making them free to any residents of Caldetes. The mineromedicinal baths are heated and mineralised at a depth of 2,800 metres, emerging at 38.8°C. The unique pure crystalline water flows continuously in the Balneari, maintaining its biological, physical, and chemical properties, and offering significant healing and therapeutic potential. 

The thermal waters of Caldes d’Estrac have been renowned for centuries. Around 800 years ago, the first healing house in Caldes utilized these waters for health and wellness. During the 14th and 15th centuries, Catalan kings bathed in and drank from these springs. The waters gained widespread fame, reaching their peak in the 19th and 20th centuries when summer vacationing became popular. Caldes then became the Catalan capital of health and relaxation, epitomizing the art of “dolce far niente” or “the sweetness of doing nothing.” 

Thermal baths are recommended for cell stimulation, skin conditions, relaxation, inflammation, arthritis, digestive problems, respiratory issues, and more. The thermal baths are the only service at this spa in which you do not need an appointment for. If you are not a Caldetes resident, the bath will cost 13 euros for 25 minutes. Be sure to bring a bathing suit, towel, and flip-flops. The spa will require you to wear a head cap but they offer them at the front desk. To learn more about where the water in the thermal bath is derived from click here

The Balneari Caldes d’Estrac Spa offers a wide variety of services besides just the thermal baths. Services include halotherapy, Scottish showers, chirotherapy, mud therapy, steam rooms, jacuzzis, skin wraps, facials, massages, lymphatic drainage, and more. They also offer health and wellness circuits which include multiple services to reduce fatigue and/or stress. Call the spa to inquire about long-term treatments for discounts or special treatments. Download a copy of their full service list here

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It is very important to rehydrate your body after using the thermal bath so drink lots of water!

 What people are saying about Balneari Spa
The overall experience was pleasing and the staff were attentive.
The thermal bath was very relaxing and peaceful. I walked in without an appointment and was able to go in right away. Staff was very nice and caring. They provided me with a swim cap, flip flops, and a locker to set aside my stuff.
Charming place, relaxing experience, good attention.