'A journey I call life'

Anna Paola – ‘Teacherpreneur’

Anna Paola Cedrini is an Italian language teacher based in Premià de Mar, specialized in tailor-made and in-company courses which are task-oriented and communication based. Anna is also the founder of ItaliandiAmo, a language trips business offering unique experiences in Italy. Here’s her story.

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears”, Rumi

When I look back at the surprising journey I’ve been on for these last twenty years, I can’t be grateful enough for the people I’ve met, the things I’ve done and the experiences I’ve lived through. Moving countries and getting familiar with unexpected challenges have functioned as catalysts for my natural curiosity and openness to new experiences. That’s why I consider change not only inevitable but very valuable.

At university I chose foreign languages, even though my heart has always beaten for psychology, to learn about different cultures and eventually find a job to travel the world.

When I finished studying all I wanted was to leave my town under the Tuscan sun and have children. Unfortunately at that time I had neither a serious relationship nor any job offers to work abroad. Nevertheless, before I knew it, I was deeply in love, living in a different city and happily pregnant with my first son.

I was living my dream, which came with a certain dose of unsettlement and loneliness. Moving houses and countries, learning new languages, becoming the mum for three wonderful children, raising them abroad and adapting my professional life to different styles and needs has certainly been a challenging privilege.

No doubt dancing is difficult when the music changes and I learned it the hard way setting up my language training and travel business in the Netherlands and then reframing it when my family life brought me to Barcelona. I’ve experienced doubts, money loss and failure but it hasn’t stopped me being a passionate “teacherpreneur” focused on effective and meaningful learning.

In my job and my personal life, people, with their needs, fears and desires, always come first. Moreover, designing a tailor-made Italian training or a learning experience in Italy, my energy is funnelled into the uniqueness of my clients, my partners and my service.

We are all unique, but we can’t be ourselves without others. That’s why the people I connect with professionally and personally help me in shifting my mindset and building a life I love.

When I was younger, I wanted to get a job to travel the world but I’ve been building a profession which allows me to teach my language and culture and disclose the many beauties of my country instead.

I believe in the power of attraction, kindness, and positive psychology. My centre of attention are people and how to build meaningful relationships with them, I help my students overcome their blocks when it comes to language learning so that they can enjoy the best communicating experience.

I’m a very curious human being who is often looking forward to the next training, the next language trip and the next chapter of my life. Nevertheless, at this point of my journey I feel an urge to slow down a bit to live the present and the unexpected. Thanks to each of the many changes I’ve been experiencing, I’m making significant progress in my personal and professional life.

Becoming the proud mum of three children I wanted so badly, meeting lovely human beings, getting to know and appreciate different cultures, making long-lasting connections and having a clear vision of my values have made me grow into a better version of myself I’m fond of. I’ve always wanted to live by the sea, to which I feel an instinct and deep link, and living in Maresme and feeling the power and the beauty of nature is a true gift of life. The best is yet to come!

“I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set it free”, Michelangelo

To know more about her services, contact Anna via email at annapaola.cerdini@gmail.com

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