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Robert M – A ‘7 in 1’ handyman in Maresme

Robert M is what he describes as a ‘7 in 1 handyman’ in Maresme and is available to fix more or less every home-related problem. He works with many local, trustworthy professionals so if he can’t fix the problem himself he will know someone who can.

For 15 years Robert travelled the world learning different techniques from a wide variety of jobs, constantly gaining knowledge and finding ways to ‘fix’ things . He’s most passionate about wood and was taught by Indonesian master woodcarvers in Sumatra and an Australian master wood structuralist on the east coast of Australia. What used to be a hobby has become a full time job.

If you have projects that you are set on but you can’t find a reliable individual or team to see them to fruition, Robert may just be the man you are looking for. He can help with the following:

  1. Carpentry
    Experienced in structural projects and making small furniture. Robert has experience making tree houses, outdoor decks, outdoor wooden studios and bungalows and smaller projects such as mobile chicken coops, raised garden beds, fences, doors and furniture. Robert is also able to give advice on wood maintenance.
  2. Landscape design
    Robert uses a mini backhoe for moving earth to build decks and terraces. He’s experienced in designing vegetable patches, natural pools and stonewalls.
  3. Gardening
    Experience in tree trimming and felling trees, Robert has tree climbing equipment available. He’s also able to give advice on gardening and garden maintenance.
  4. Painting
    Experience in painting outdoor and indoor walls and waterproofing roofs. Familiar with water based and synthetic products.
  5. Labouring
    Renovation projects such as kitchens and bathrooms and smaller projects such as pizza ovens, barbecues. Robert is also experienced in bio-construction techniques with straw bale walls and traditional techniques like retaining walls also available.
  6. Plumbing
    Experience with kitchen and bathroom plumbing, water irrigation systems, copper pipes, triple layer tubes and pvc irrigation pipes.
  7. Electrics
    Not Robert’s strength but he has experience in installing and fixing daily electric appliances.

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Robert speaks great english and will go out of his way to find the right solution

 What people are saying about Robert M.
I've know Robert for over 10 years. He regularly looked after my garden for many years and has worked on countless small projects in my house including hanging art work, unblocking dishwashers and painting. He's incredibly knowledgeable and always really friendly.
Jane Mitchell, Vilassar de Mar
Robert is one in a million. It's so hard to find a handyman in Maresme but Robert is able to fix a myriad of issues and create beautiful structures. He has renovated two bathrooms and a kitchen for us, put down paving, created a car port, sanded and varnished tables and chairs as well as countless snags. He is extremely reliable and good value for money and would not hesitate to recommend him others!
Carrie Frais, Cabrils