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Simonetta Roma – Leadership Coach & Trainer

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Simonetta Roma is a leadership coach & trainer in Maresme, passionate about helping businesses and individuals transform. Finding uniqueness. Discovering their Individual Centre of Excellence® (ICE). Applying their unique resources to achieve stretching goals. Equipping leaders to drive change and bring teams with them.

Trained as a tax lawyer and litigator in Mexico, Simonetta evolved with hands-on experience in eCommerce and business commercial operations. Accredited skills in Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time-Line Therapy and Neuro Leadership combine with her 25 years+ global experience to deliver clear, tangible results.

Simonetta authored Manual práctico para descubrir tu excelencia y su potencial, a highly commended specialist resource helping people find and apply that which makes them unique (English version coming soon). Inspired by Asian philosophies like Ikigai, the book puts into practice the combination of finding purpose, talents, passion, and one’s unique life journey to build a profitable profession or business that not only gives us complete satisfaction but also contributes to the well-being of others.

Simonetta helps individuals become better versions of themselves. Developing inspirational leaders that take their businesses to the next level. Getting the most from every individual’s innate talent. And applying learning in a practical way to get the job done. Change for the better. Change for good. Everyone can do it, but sometimes a little guidance and motivation is needed to get there. That’s where Simonetta comes in.

Leadership is a journey of inner exploration and self-discovery. When we are brave enough to look within ourselves, and willing to transform our own lives for the better, then we become capable of helping and guiding others on their journey.

Simonetta Roma

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Simonetta is the President of Maresme Toastmasters ( , helping individuals improve their leadership and public speaking skills

 What people are saying about Simonetta Roma
Simonetta's coaching helped me propel a business concept from an idea to an achievable timeline with set goals. Her straightforward approach with curiosity allowed me to uncover solutions and take the action I needed. Simonetta's passion to help others makes her ideal for life/business coaching.
Jennifer Elliot, Financial Literacy for Children