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Fraser Allan – Carer in Maresme

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Fraser Allan is a professional, experienced carer in Maresme offering English-speaking hourly or live-in care for your loved one(s) in Maresme. He can also provide live-in care anywhere in Catalunya.

Fraser has over twenty years’ experience in support work for people of all ages and abilities (including a range of learning and physical functional challenges), and one year of live-in care experience. He has an HNC Social Care qualification from the United Kingdom and Level 2 Certificat de Reconeixement I acreditació de les competencies professionals from the Generalitat de Catalunya. He has also successfully completed Bachelor and Master’s degrees at university.

Based in beautiful Maresme, Fraser enjoys spending time with the two loving beings he co-parents. He has lived in Catalunya, Scotland, England, BC (Canada), and California, and gained plenty of practical life experience.  He holds a full EU driving licence, for manual and automatic vehicles and has 30+ years’ (safe) driving experience with both. He also has basic skills and experience in IT (Word, Excel, Photoshop) which could be helpful with admin support.

A non-smoker, Fraser is a quick and adaptable learner of new skills and good at organising. As well as his native English, he speaks a medium level of Spanish and understands a basic level of Catalan. Fraser has a good sense of humour, is tolerant of differences, enjoys comedy and has a good repertoire of enjoyable piano pieces.

He has a pescatarian (vegetarian + fish) diet, but not strict in a non-vegetarian environment and his only allergies are strong cleaning chemicals and cat hair. Please note that while Fraser enjoys cooking and basic baking, for now he has a moderate (7+/-) repertoire of dishes, but is interested in cooking and happy to learn. As he is of a light build, frequent weight-bearing of heavy loads can take a toll on his body.

I do care work because it is fulfilling and in line with my values (to help people). Empathy and sensitivity to others states/needs make me skilful at the job. I am available to provide live-in care/mobility support for your loved one(s).
Fraser Allan

Call or email Fraser directly on +34 682 882 117  or to make an enquiry and discuss availability. Rates are negotiable.

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Fraser is kind and empathic, with strong sense of awareness, easily attuned to people and pets’ needs and emotional states.

 What people are saying about Fraser Allan
Fraser is a likeable person with a good sense of humour and works well within a team – he is also able to work well on his own initiative. Fraser is polite and friendly and able to establish a good rapport with his patients.

Fraser has demonstrated good initiative, pointing out concerns with patients as well as providing some suggestions as how to better organise the workload in order to improve efficiency.

Fraser is reliable, arriving at work on time and with an excellent attendance record.

I am happy to recommend Fraser as an employee and would be happy to employ him again in the future.
Gillian G
Very professional and attentive, Fraser has looked after dad very well. We will look forward to him coming to care for dad again.
Dan C