La Poma Bikepark – Premià de Dalt

Europe's leading bike park on your doorstep

La Poma Bikepark – Premià de Dalt

Outdoor Biking Adventure

An outdoor biking adventure can be risky, fun, thrilling, exciting, or even relaxing; but if you want a place that can offer any of those things then here is the place for you. La Poma Bikepark has a legendary and extensive history making it highly desirable to bikers all around the world. It was founded in 2005 as a trail for the practice of ‘dirt jumping’ and has now become a reference for bike parks worldwide. La Poma is considered one of the best in Europe and even pronounced “the biggest, open-to-the-public dirt jump playground in existence” according to Distant Relatives.

Some local riders such as Andreu Lacondeguy, Bienvenido Aguado and Adolf Silva became great international stars having started in La Poma. La Poma has different sports schools: extracurricular, specialised courses, private classes and school campuses for boys and girls. They have teachers and specialised monitors to help riders learn and improve their style on mountain and BMX, trial, skate, scooters.

Pricing for such a best recognised organisation is astoundingly low, from 4€ – 45€ for different activities throughout the day. If you are staying for a while or live near the park, they also offer passes that are active weekly, quarterly, or annual. Convenience is also a big part of what the park has to offer. They allow rentals of any equipment that you would need such as BMX, dirt bikes, scooters, and helmets. All around a very professional location and amongst the most desired locations for all types of outdoor biking adventure.

Opening Hours: 3pm – 9pm (Mon – Fri) 

10am – 9pm (Sat- Sun)

MC Tip: Children under 18 need authorisation to come alone without their parents. This is an outdoor park so even though they have set hours, they have the freedom to close on certain days if they deem the weather is too bad.

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Ctra dels Sis Pobles s/n
08338 Premià de Dalt