A public foundation of artwork and literature

Fundació Palau

Caldes d'Estrac

The Fundació Palau is an art exhibit centre that features the fantastic art collection left behind by Josep Palau i Fabre. Palau i Fabre was a Spanish Catalan poet and writer, known for representing Catalan literature in the post-World War period. He was also a renowned expert on the works of Pablo Picasso and eventually formed a close relationship with the artist. In the year 1987 Fabre wrote a letter explaining his wish for his collection of artwork and literature to be placed in a Palau Foundation. On May 4, 2003 the Fundació Palau was inaugurated after more than 15 years of searching for a suitable space to house the collection. 

The Fundació Palau aims to promote contemporary art and culture, focusing on the relationship between art and literature. The foundation houses an extensive collection of works by Picasso, reflecting Palau i Fabre’s close relationship with the artist. Additionally, it includes pieces by other contemporary artists and various documents, manuscripts, and personal items related to Palau i Fabre’s life and work. There are both permanent and temporary exhibits. The Palau Foundation’s permanent collection, comprising over 2,000 pieces, is displayed across three rooms: Catalan painting and sculpture from the early 20th century, Defensa de l’Avantguarda, and Estimat Picasso.

Temporary exhibitions vary from photography, painting, sculptures, portraits, to installations, and more. Such exhibits will typically stay at the foundation for months at a time, with no extra cost to explore the work. The Fundació Palau also collaborates with local schools where students can showcase their art projects. These students have the opportunity to spend the day in the foundation and walk guests through the process of their exhibit. When you purchase your ticket to enter the Fundació Palau, you are given paperwork that explains the history of Josep Palau i Fabre, details of his collection, and information on the special exhibit. The foundation offers this information in Spanish, Catalan, and English. Be sure to check the Fundació Palau website for the latest exhibits. 

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 What people are saying about Fundació Palau
Totally surprised with this museum. The space is very well used, and, even though it houses many works, it never feels saturated. The temporary exhibition at Barceló, surprising. As for the permanent collection, the Picassian presence must be highlighted, perfect for anyone who wants to complement and increase knowledge about the artist. The girl at the reception was very friendly and attentive. The Fundació Palau is a place worth visiting.
Tremendously unknown, so the visit is very pleasant.
I had already been there a few times. It is a worthwhile visit. Permanent collection of works by Picasso, owned by Palau and Fabre (sketches, paintings, some ceramics...).There are also works by other authors. Permanent exhibition of Perejaume. And temporary exhibitions. Located in Caldes d'Estrac, a beautiful beach town with a good gastronomic offer.
Loved visiting this museum! Staff was very nice and gave me a student discount. There was lots of information on all the works held there, especially the temporary exhibit and works of Picasso. There also was an exhibit in the back put on by a local elementary school. A few of the students took me through their projects and explained the goals of each class's work! Definitely recommend checking out this peaceful museum.