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Maresme Connect is your go-to resource for discovering the captivating Maresme Coast, one of Catalonia’s most picturesque and vibrant regions. Our aim is to highlight the Maresme’s unique charm and year-round appeal, providing our growing international and local community with insights into its stunning landscapes, from Montgat to Blanes. We cover the natural beauty of the Serralada Litoral Natural Park, the character of local villages, and the renowned local gastronomy and wines, beaches, sports clubs, educational establishments, accommodation and dining options. Whether it’s exploring hidden gems or experiencing the best of Maresme’s culture, events and lifestyle, Maresme Connect is dedicated to showcasing the many facets of this enchanting region. We are a growing community and we want to keep it that way Feel free to join the Maresme Connect Facebook group or contact us with recommendations to

Summer nights are chiringuito nights

Do you have a favourite?

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There’s plenty of interesting architecture to see in Maresme… 

We particularly love the variety of doors 🚪
The village of Cabrils is a beautiful, tranquil town that offers a high quality of life, excellent amenities and a strong sense of community ♥️

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Canet de Mar from the air 

Situated between Arenys de Mar and Sant Pol de Mar, Canet de Mar is known for the cultivation of flowers and strawberries 🌼🍓

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“Toque is about connections, bonds and an exchange in cultures.”

Alba is the designer and founder of, a social project based on African fashion design.

During a stay in Kenya she collaborated with an artisan tailor who helped her design and produce her collection.

You can find Alba’s latest collection at @no20_vilassar. 

Browse the collection and other artisan products at No 20’s summer sale on Friday 19th July 18.00-20.30h

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The natural surroundings of Cabrils make it an excellent location for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and walking.

Two of our favourite hikes:

🏞️ La Creu de Montcaber
Perfect for some of the most beautiful views of Maresme 

🏰 Castell de Burriac
See the remains of this small 11th century castle

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Maggie grew up in the UK but has lived in France, Poland and Belgium before making the Maresme her home.

She currently lives with her partner and children in a Modernista house in Mataró which is itself a work of art. It also serves as her studio where she is available for photographic sessions.

Maggie’s work is available to buy at @no20_vilassar where there’s a special summer sale on Friday 19th July 18-20.30h with cava & nibbles

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Beautiful Maresme 💖

📸 @m_a_g_g_i_e_jm 

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This is a great network to belong to. Through contacts I have received new clients to whom I come vetted as a top professional and good person.. As I reached out regarding a catering service I got immediate ,enlightened help and found a trusted provider I will continue to collaborate with. Five stars all around! Thank you Maresme connect !

Petra Wolf Duffy

I am incredibly grateful to be part of the Maresme Connect family... knowing there’s a supportive community of international women hosting regular events and sharing similar challenges is immensely comforting.

Jennifer Richmond

I've been referring to Maresme Connect for a few years now, and it's been an absolute game-changer! Whether I'm looking for updates on local events, beach bars at the Maresme coast, the best summer camps or even English speaking health care, this website has it all. The information is always up-to-date and presented in such a friendly and engaging way. It's clear that the team behind Villa Maresme truly cares about keeping us informed and connected. I can't recommend it enough for anyone wanting to stay in the loop about what's happening in our wonderful community!

Ellen Van Bakel

Maresme Connect is the number one source for any service in the Maresme area if you are from abroad or a local. If you are looking for a school for your kids, a nice restaurant in the area, accommodation, or even any activities taking place in the beautiful villages of the Maresme coast, they are always up to date with the best options available, and also telling nice stories about the citizens of Maresme, their business, local festivities... Thumbs up for Maresme Connect and their great job!!! :)

Josep Maria Ribas

Wholehearted recommendation to anyone with a business to go for this. We’ve really appreciated our collaboration with Maresme Connect!

Emily Shirley
Threads Restaurant

What you’re doing for us here in the Maresme by rebooting Maresme Connect is HUGE!

Audrey Lopes
Abloom flowers

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