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Blink Studio, Alella

Blink Studio has extensive experience in interior design with a team of specialists that seek to obtain optimum results. Headed up by Irma Ribera, her team includes landscapers, upholsterers, micro-concrete specialists and many others.


Blink offers integral solutions for interior design and decoration projects, both for domestic and commercial spaces, always looking for maximum harmony and balance.


Blink’s solid team of professionals and suppliers work in a synchronised and efficient way to carry out projects from the simplest to the most complex, with precision and care.


Blink loves spaces where nothing is missing and, with that in mind, they can help design all the pieces of furniture to achieve spaces that flow naturally with the desired lifestyle, adjusting to the needs of its users.


The perfect end-point of projects. Blink uses decoration as a means of expression. They choose the elements that bring style and personality to the spaces, making them unique.


Blink loves discovering new places and never stops investigating. Blink’s extensive experience has many contacts in the field of shopping and they know all the best stores.


Carrying out renovations requires a lot of energy, technical knowledge and time, and so Blink accompanies clients throughout the process, both at the design and decision-making levels, in order to achieve the best possible results.


Irma designs and directs in equal parts. From a multidisciplinary background her function is to materialise ideas. With more than 14 years of experience, Irma takes care of the details and ensures that clients get what they want.

Torrent Can Pufarré 4 BIS
08338 Alella
T: +34 600 065 746