Water purifying services on your doorstep
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ATICA AGUA is a young and dynamic company based in Cabrils, with 20 years in the water treatment sector.

The company is passionate about water and the environment, and creates customised solutions for clean, efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly technologies.

They offer the following services:

– Use of rainwater from your house or apartment

– Purifying used water for irrigation, pool or cleaning

– Removal of limescale without use of lots of water

– Water-saving ideas for baths and showers

– Creating fresh, drinkable water from the tap with no chlorine

– Conversion of pools into a bio or SMART pool

– Laundry without the use of detergents

Avinguda la Llobatera 6 local
08348 Cabrils
T: +34 93 801 65 32
E: info@atica-agua.com