A beautiful beach in an area of outstanding natural beauty
Playa de les Roques, Calella

Calella is located between Sant Pol and Pineda de Mar, some 56km from Barcelona and is widely recognised as a centre for tourism on the Maresme Coast thanks to its 3km of magnificent beaches with first rate facilities and services for tourists.

The beach known as Playa de les Roques, to the south of the town centre, is an area of great natural beauty. Here you will find little, rocky coves with pristine water that is so inviting it is hard not to get in every time you look at it! Just under the lighthouse, this beach is ideal for snorkelling near its rocky area.

The Montnegre Natural Park borders this area (where you can try your hand at rock climbing) and adds to the beauty of its surroundings.


Les Roques beach has to be accessed on foot from the town heading south. It can be a little tricky at certain times of year but don’t let that put you off – it is well worth the effort and means you can avoid the crowds associated with the larger, sandy beaches in Calella.

Try out the local, beachfront, bar-restaurant, La Vinyeta.